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When the ranch was purchased by Eddie Pfiester, the family truly lived off of the land. They farmed the fields, hunted wild game, and raised livestock. The ranch has been home to many different species over the years. In the early days, the Pfiester family raised chickens, cattle, sheep, Angora goats, horses and mules. They also had an array of pets including dogs, cats, birds and deer, to name a few.

Angora goats are the species said to have carried many families through the terrible drought of the 1950's, and the Pfiesters were happy to have them. Today, the ranch is still home to descendants of the original flock, as well as descendants of the highly regarded registered herd bred by Laura Pfiester Schmidt and her husband Gilbert Schmidt. Today, the goats are constantly threatened by predators, so guard donkeys and Anatolian Shepherd guard dogs are used to protect the flock, along with other measures.  

Cattle and horses also inhabit the ranch. The cattle are mostly a commercial Brangus cross, and are a very significant part of the operation. The combined use of cattle and goats works well from a management perspective, and together the two species both thrive. 

Horses have also always been part of the ranch, although with today's modern conveniences, they are not as vital to ranch work as they once were. However, the family still uses them for some cattle work, as well as for viewing the land, stock and game without disrupting their natural state. The Pfiesters were known for their excellent horsemanship, especially Ruby, and that tradition continues with Ruby's daughter Peggy and her daughter Lindsey, who both are excellent horsewomen and love to ride on the ranch as much as possible. Lindsey is also a member of a precision riding team, and loves to ride her team horse all around the ranch between workouts. 

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